The base fee for the Annual Survey of Museum-Goers is $1,250 for museums launching their survey January 1 – March 8;
it increases to $3,250 for museums launching their surveys after that date.

Custom questions:

​$350 each, maximum of three

Note: if you include custom questions, the inclusion questions will be dropped from your survey in order to keep the survey length manageable for respondents. Open-ended questions count as two questions. There will be no exceptions to the max 3 rule (this is to reduce survey fatigue for the respondent). Questions need to be finalized before you launch your survey.

Extra links to survey/URL variables:

​$100 each

Extra URL variables can be used to pre-segment your responses by source, such as your email list versus social media. Your results by URL variable will be presented as a cross tab on your spreadsheet report (but written-in comments, your slide deck report will not be separated out by URL variable). This needs to be finalized before you launch your survey.

Full reporting by URL variable in spreadsheet and slide deck reports:

​$250/URL variable

If you are using extra URL variables, this option provides full reporting throughout your spreadsheet report (all written-in comments are separated out by URL variable) and in your slide deck report (maximum 2 URL variables for readability in slide deck). Minimum 75 responses/URL for full report treatment. This can be added after your survey has launched.

Additional cross tab reports:

​​$100 each, must have an overall sample of 500 to request

Each requested cross tab will appear as a separate tab in your spreadsheet report. Can be requested by specific question (e.g., by age or other demographic characteristic), by life stage, or other parameters you define.​ This can be added after your survey has launched.

Raw data spreadsheet of results:


All personally identifying information will be removed. This can be added after your survey has launched.

Coding of all written-in comments from your respondents:

​$350 to $1,400+

We will hand-code your written-in comments and share the results, including brief commentary and takeaways. This can be added after your survey has launched.
Pricing varies based on size of sample:

• <250 responses: $350
• 251 – 500 responses: $700
• 501 – 1000 responses: $1,050
• 1,001 – 2,000 responses: $1,400
• ​More than 2,000 responses: price will be quoted based on number of responses

One hour of private consultation with Wilkening Consulting about your results:


First hour is complimentary to Tier 3 members of AAM or museums that participated in the 2017 – 2019 Annual Surveys.

Broader population sampling in your community:


Click here for more information (scroll past “data cuts” section).

Any other special requests, please contact Jessica Strube at
jessica (at) wilkeningconsulting (dot) com for a quote.